Etsy Sales Maps

This app is no longer registering new Etsy shops

After 5 years of providing maps to some of the world's most awesome craftspeople, I'm going to be retiring this app and website. Thanks to all of you who've used the app over the years. It's been a delight!

Here's some info to help us all through the process...

What about current users?

I'm trying to wind this down smoothly and fully intend to honor every subscription until its expiration.

I will keep the site up, and it will continue updating subscribers' maps each night until at least March 1, 2020. After that time, the site may or may not stay active, but map updates and other maintenance will be discontinued.

What will happen to the data?

The app actually stores very little of your data (see the about page for more info), but if you'd like an export of the rough coordinates (latitude & longitude) of your own sales, please convo me and I'll try to provide that for you.

Otherwise, I'll delete all of the app's data when the site comes down, sometime after March 1, 2020.


I'm simply having more and more trouble finding the time and energy to keep the project alive, and I'm less involved with the community of Etsy sellers that originally inspired me to make the app.

More questions?

Please convo me!